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Premium Maintenance - RESIDENTIAL Terms and Conditions for Service Agreement

*** THIS IS NOT A WARRANTY FOR YOUR ON-SITE SEWAGE FACILITY (O.S.S.F.) ***   Disclaimer: The O.S.S.F. manual (provided by Manufacturer) must be strictly followed, or all warranties are subject to invalidation. Any warranties provided by the Manufacturer will cover parts only. Labor costs will be paid by the Customer. Customer agrees that Manufacturer is not a party to this Agreement and shall bear no responsibility for service or any terms, obligations, or duties contained herein.
MAINTENANCE PROVIDER (MP) AND CUSTOMER AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING: Customer shall pay annual service fee within 15 days prior to beginning date of Service Agreement or this agreement shall be null and void. Customer will maintain clear and open access to system components. MP shall perform 3 Scheduled Maintenance Inspections per year (1 every 4 months), for a total of 3 over a 1-year period each year until the contract end date.

SUCH INSPECTIONS SHALL INCLUDE:  An evaluation to determine operational status of the O.S.S.F. Status of the following will be noted as “Operational” or “Inoperative” INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO (as applicable); Control Panel Components, Alarms, Air Compressor/Aerator, Sprinkler/Drip Backwash, Drain field(s), Irrigation Pump, Effluent quality inspection consisting of a visual check for color, turbidity, sludge build-up, scum overflow and examination for odors; A test for chlorine residuals. Additional testing, replacing, or repairing of inoperable components or conditions, will be an additional charge.

MAINTNANCE: At each Scheduled Inspection, Technician will perform the following Maintenance Tasks as needed, if applicable to system design: Clean air filter in air compressor, clean drip filters, clean effluent screens in the aeration chamber, flush irrigation lines, clean irrigation pump screens, sprinkler screens. MP will replace one (1) free air compressor filter AND up to one (1) FREE sprinkler head OR drip filter per year. 

REPAIRS: If any inoperable components or unacceptable conditions are observed by the Service Provider at the time of inspection; Customer will be notified  in writing (via the Quarterly Inspection Form) or by phone call. Customer Authorizes MP to Complete “COURTESY REPAIRS”, defined as REPAIRS OF LESS THAN $100.00 (parts and/or labor over half an hour), after courtesy call attempt to notify the customer by phone.  TO OPT OUT of “Courtesy Repairs” CUSTOMER MUST NOTIFY MP IN WRITING. If Customer opts out, customer will receive a quote; verbal or written approval of quote will be required prior to completion of all repairs. (minimum service call will apply per each additional visit)  NON-PAYMENT BY CUSTOMER for services performed to replace or repair any inoperable components will be considered a breach of this agreement; contract will be cancelled, and contract fee will be non-refundable. All funds remitted will be applied first to oldest invoices remaining unpaid.

SERVICE CALLS:  All service calls outside of Scheduled Inspection will be charged a minimum service call fee. Customer will receive a credit for half (1/2) hour labor OR Minimum Service Call Fee on up to three (3) service calls per year. The MP will respond to service calls within 48hrs or less. Premium Service Charges may be applied for after-hours, weekend, or holiday service calls. NON-PAYMENT by Customer for Service Invoices within 15 days will be considered a breach of this Agreement; Contract will be cancelled, and contract fee will be non-refundable. All funds remitted will be applied first to oldest invoices remaining unpaid.
DISINFECTION: CUSTOMER UNDERSTANDS THAT IT IS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAINTAIN CHLORINE RESIDUAL OF AT LEAST 0.1 MG/L IN THE TREATMENT SYSTEM (as applicable). Upon inspection, if the system needs chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine bleach, the MP will notify the Customer via the Inspection Form. In the event the Customer fails in their responsibility to always maintain chlorine residual of at least 0.1 mg/l in the system, it shall be considered a breach of this Agreement and may be considered an unlawful act in some jurisdictions. MP may be required to contact the appropriate governing authorities to report such violation. *NO SWIMMING POOL TABLETS*. Pool tablets are hazardous to your O.S.S.F. system components and DANGEROUS to you and maintenance professionals. IF CUSTOMER REQUESTS CHLORINE SERVICE, MP WILL PROVIDE AND ADD CHLORINE AT EACH SCHEDULED INSPECTION DURING THE CONTRACT PERIOD. (Customer understands that they are still responsible for adequate residuals between inspections).
CANCELLATION: MP reserves the right to refuse or discontinue service at any time for reasons including, but not limited to: Customer failure to maintain minimum standards of disinfection as required by state and local governing authorities; Customer misuse of or abuse to the system; Customer neglects maintenance of inoperable components or conditions that cause a nuisance or safety concern to the environment, community or MP; Customer does not facilitate access to the system; Customer failure to pay fees for services rendered. Customer may cancel contract at any time. Contract Fee is non-refundable after first inspection.

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