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Aerobic Septic Service Agreements

We’re proud to provide our community with top-notch maintenance and repair service.

Our clients love working with us. Get in touch to let us know what we can do for you today.


Do I Need a Service Agreement?

Yes! If you own a residence with an Aerobic Septic System, regular inspections and maintenance are essential to the health of the system, your family, and your community. Continuous maintenance is required by state law and regulated by TCEQ Health and Safety Code for On-Site Sewage Facilities
Title 30 Chapter 285

Some local permitting authorities have adopted more stringent requirements, which may require homeowner training or even a prohibition against homeowner maintenance. Please contact your local permitting authority to check for more stringent requirements.

Service Agreements

Tri-Annual Inspections
Quarterly Inspections
Preventative Maintenance
Monthly Payments

Why are Inspections

& Maintenance Important?

It's not just to "keep the county off your back".

Regular upkeep of your system benefits everyone.

  • Prevents pollution and illnesses 

  • Increases Property Value

  • Saves Money

  • Reduces the risk of system failure 

  • Identifies need for pumping 

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