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I Want to Maintain My Own System
Many Homeowners wish to maintain their own systems to avoid maintenance contract fees
Things to Consider

Due to time commitments required to obtain a certificate, the inherent unpleasantness associated with checking sludge levels, and the requirement to use licensed septic providers to make all necessary repairs, most customers prefer to have their system's maintenance under contract with a licensed septic provider.

What is Required?

Texas State Law permits homeowners to maintain their own system when they have

  • completed a 6-hour, state-approved Basic Wastewater Operations Course

  • pass the state test

  • receive a Class D Wastewater Certificate, or

  • receive a certification from the manufacturer or installer of their specific wastewater system within 30 days of install or transfer of ownership.

Once the required certificates are obtained, self-maintaining homeowners are required to file copies of all certificates with the county health department.


*Local Permitting Authorities may have more stringent rules than the state, requiring homeowners to have a service contract with a licensed septic service provided for the life of the system. Usually this is due to environmental concerns near large bodies of water and proximity to drinking water sources or due to the County Population being 40,000 or more.

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