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Foul Odors Causes and Remedies

What causes system to produce foul odors outside of home?

  • Aeration compressor is inoperative or not putting out enough air pressure

  • Broke air line or clogged diffuser

  • Hydraulic overloading - putting too much water into system in a 24 hour period

  • Organic overloading - result of over using garbage disposal

  • Microbial disruption by chemicals being put into system (e.g. bleach, paint thinner, etc..)

Solutions to odors outside of home?

  • Have a licensed septic technician investigate source of problem 

What causes hydraulic overloading?

  • Too much laundry being done in 24 hour period. 

  • Too many people using system 

  • Leaking toilet or faucet

  • Water infiltration from leaking tank

Are odors inside of my home caused by my septic?

  • No, foul odor inside of home is a result of a plumbing issue

What causes foul odors inside of home?

  • Infrequent use of tub, shower, sink, etc.. resulting in water evaporating out of P-Trap

  • Dirty or partially clogged P-Trap

  • Venting issue (septic gases are designed to be vented out by plumbing piping)

  • Faulty seal of toilette ring

Solutions to odors inside of home?

  • Run water in any infrequently used plumbing fixtures

  • Clean P-Traps

  • Have plumber check  for possible venting issues

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