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Moving Sprinkler Heads or Drip Lines

Moving  Sprinkler Heads

Why are my sprinklers in there current location?

  • Design Engineers place sprinklers in locations to meet state requirements

  • Sprinklers are located so septic effluent is only distributed onto homeowners property

What are offset requirements for spray heads?

  • Systems without timers must allow a 20 ft buffer from septic spray to property boundaries 

  • Systems with timers must allow a 10 ft buffer from septic spray to property boundaries

  • Swimming pools must have a 25 ft buffer from septic spray

Can my heads be moved from there current location?

  • Yes, as long as there is enough room to maintain proper boundary offsets

Can I move the heads myself?

  • No, only a licensed septic installer can perform an alteration to septic sprinklers

What steps must be followed in order to have my sprinklers moved?

  • Have septic designer determine if there is room to move heads to desired location

  • Acquire any required permits from permitting authority

  • Contact licensed septic installer to perform sprinkler alteration

** These requirements are for the state of Texas. Check with local authorities for your location

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