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We recently retired and bought a home in Granbury that has an aerobic septic system. Knew NOTHING about these systems. (Last time I knew about septic systems they weren’t much more than a few 55-gallon barrels buried in a row connected w some PVC pipe.) We found that Stephens Septic had the contract on our system. I contacted them and talked with Correy. She was a lot of help, made sure all of our information was up-to-date, and told me to call if I EVER have any questions. She scheduled Matt to be here in a couple of days to give me a lesson on what to do, and what NOT to do, to properly maintain our system. He explained things very clearly, answered all of my questions...even ones I didn’t know to ask!...and left me with, “We’re here to help you. If you ever need us, or have any questions, just call.” Great job folks! Thank you!

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