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How Often Should I Pump
My Aerobic Septic System? 
Best practice is to have the septic tanks pumped before sludge or scum accumulates to the bottom of the septic tank’s outlet device (about every 3 to 5 years). If too much sludge accumulates, solids will leave the tank with the liquid and possibly clog the soil. Sewage will then surface or back up into the house through the plumbing fixtures.

For Aerobic Treatment Units, Technicians use alternate indicators to determine when a system needs to be pumped. Solids levels are checked in the aeration tank and pump tanks at each Maintenance Inspection.  When the solids in the aeration tank exceed 25-33% of tank depth, or the solids in the pump tank are with 3-4 inches of the effluent pumps inlet, we will recommend contacting a septic pumper to clean the tanks out.
Septic tank pumpers are equipped to clean septic tanks. Only people registered with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality may pump and transport septic tank sludge.
What Factors Effect Sludge Levels in my System? 
What should not be flushed down the drain?

The toilet is not a trash can. Do not dispose of cleaning tissues, wet wipes, cigarette butts, diapers, condoms, or other trash in the toilet. These items do not degrade and result in a faster accumulation of solids that must be removed by a pump truck.

How does a garbage disposal impact my septic system?

Do not use in-sink garbage grinders excessively or discard too much grease. Garbage grinders can cause sludge or scum to build up rapidly, making it necessary to pump the septic system more frequently and possibly causing it to malfunction because the wastewater is too strong for the system to handle.

Do cleaning products affect my system?
  • Cleaning products may alter the treatment process. When choosing a cleaning product, first read the label:

  • Danger means that the chemical will kill the microbes; use it rarely or never.

  • Warning means that limited use should not affect the system much.

  • Caution typically means that the product will have little effect on the system.

Do antibiotics affect system performance?

Prescription antibiotics and drugs are extremely hard on the microbes in the system. Flushing them into the wastewater system increases the maintenance.  Visit the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website for information on the disposal of unused medications.

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